Insights into test processes concerning weather-sealing at Olympus

Since yesterday there is a report at Imaging Resource about an interview that was conducted with Olympus. Mainly it was described that Olympus will not build a 35mm camera. The more interesting topic for me however were the details on the weather sealing of the cameras.

The interview was conducted by Imaging Resource with Aki Murata.

(Aki Murata is currently Olympus America’s new VP of sales and marketing, formerly Olympus’ Global Marketing Manager and longtime employee of Olympus Germany)

Interviews with camera manufacturers have often been conducted on weather sealing/ waterproofing. In most cases no details were allowed to be published. However IR has the approval to publish details of the test process. This is mainly because this are a bit more extreme tests.

A detailed report is yet to come from Imaging Resource but so much in advance:

For camera housings such as the Top Model E-M1 Mark II, Olympus uses the amount of water set by the IPx1 standard (about 1mm of rain per hour, in practice a heavy downpour), but not just the 10-minute exposure time of the camera in these conditions ; the time set by the ISO for the water resistance test.

The weather resistance of all sites is tested. That is, each page 10 minutes, e.g. when the camera is facing forward in landscape orientation, in the left and right portrait orientation, with the camera facing down, face up, and the bottom.

So exposed to a total of 60 minutes of heavy rain!

After completion of the test, the camera is disassembled to check whether water has penetrated (of course, it is ensured that no residual water flows into the camera, should the camera still be wet). If even a small amount of water / traces of water have penetrated, the test is considered as “failed”. It then determines where the water came from and how the seal needs to be improved.

Here is the video of Imaging Resource of the now “famous” video for the weatherproof test, which the E-M1 Mark II had passed with flying colors.




Source: Link Imaging Resource

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