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Hello everybody,

A few weeks ago I received an invitation from saal-digital to test their photobook.
The offer came just at the right time, because a photo book to present your own work was long overdue with me.

It should not just be the default book but a bit higher quality
I have decided to test the photo book XT (extra thick).

Excerpt saal -digital:
“The difference is in the strength and number of pages. The photo book glues two pages together. The inner sides of the photo book XT are additionally laminated on a cardboard-strong carrier material with a grammage of 600 g / m² and thus have a very special feel. ”

Delivery should take place after Christmas but the book arrived this week! Very gratifying that I can show it to my friends already at Christmas.

The delivery takes place in a very stable carton. Very good.
The book is then wrapped again in a kind of soft foam film. A good protection if  the post handles it a Bit rude.

Now for the book itself:
First impression: wow it is thick, for the rather less pages. So promises to be stable. I made the book quite simple. Photos fill complete pages without border. I have to say the print is greatPerfect sharp edges. Great color reproduction on the photo paper. Very stable pages, since the photo paper is applied on cardboard, which has 600g / sqm.
The sharpness and the details are reproduced very well. Especially recognizable on the bird pictures with the fine feathers.

The layflat binding also makes it possible to print / present a photo perfectly flat over two pages.

All in all, a great book in great quality.
I would highly recommend it if the “special” photos really great.

If you have questions, just contac me.

Merry Christmas



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